Kai Magic

Falmouth Road Race '09

Live with intention / believe in magic.

Falmouth Road Race…Last Monday I was out of the race, did not get a number [it’s a random draw and of course I didn’t read the instructions last year which tell you to save your non-qualifying paper so that the next year you are guaranteed in]. But good news! On Thursday I was in the race running as Susan…And back to bad news Saturday morning. I was out by life’s little challenge called loosing the copy of Susan’s license. Bummed but not completely giving up…Sure enough, at eight o’clock Saturday night I got the magic call / Kai picked up the number without the license…Gipsy was back in action and off to the race! A beautiful day, awesome run, friends, celebration and beach time to follow…believe in life’s magic.

kai and gipsy

kai & gipsy / effortless

The Runners & Andrew

Beach time celebration.


One response to “Kai Magic

  1. kai says there is magic everywhere / all the time / always believe it and it will be there / the key is to embrace it in any form it manifests…..

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