Extraordinary by Kai

be more then ordinary / simple request / complicated answer / what does this mean? / I think that answer will be different for every woman who chooses to explore her boundaries / we all have them / boundaries / the ones that were set for us from our parents / the ones that we set for ourselves from our experiences / and the ones that are expected from society / to be more than ordinary/ in my opinion / is to say “yes” to what you normally would say “no” to.


Exploring boundaries…

basically / put yourself on the line /  if you are new to this practice / take baby steps / no need to jump out of planes just yet / set easy, attainable goals / start with one / see what it feels like / i will give you a for instance / last night I came home from dancing, washed my face, brushed my teeth and was about to go into my bed, but decided to sleep on the couch instead / why? / don’t know / just because it was something I normally don’t do / I have to say/ I had a great night sleep and woke up this morning completely energized and refreshed / small / attainable / easy.
next? / yes please! / keep doing this whenever the thought pops into your head / I promise you / you will awaken a part of you that you knew as child / curious / provocative / passionate / before expectations thickened the walls of your boundaries / I continue to put myself in these types of situations / I have always wanted pink hair/ however/ I have not been successful in finding a hairdresser in New England that that will do this for me.
okay / gotta take you on my time machine / let’s go back a year to SoHo, NYC / I bought a pink wig as my NYC “hat” / I am a hat girl / just love them / and it is awesome / now roaming the streets of NYC with a pink wig on / easy / secured by my cool purple hat / I had a blast!


Soho, NYC ’08 / Kai Pink

okay back onto the time machine to  present day / the burbs of New England / I am going out dancing with some girlfriends at a local bar / nothing fancy / blue collar / no frills / no special lighting / think pool hall with a dance floor / as I am getting dressed /I spot the bag my wig  has been sitting in for a year at the bottom of my closet / the burbs are boring me / so I pull it out and put it on / secure it with a pink bandanna / and in my house I start dancing / looks awesome / I think to myself / I should wear this tonight / so I decide to do it / before I leave the house / I give myself one last check / still looks good / I walk confidently out to the car / get in and drive away / 2 minutes into my drive my head starts itching / then I become very aware that I am going out with long pink hair / the panic sets in / I start to sweat a little / head is now itching madly / I take a glance in the rear view mirror and notice that some of my real hair is sticking out / more panic / a little dry in the mouth now /wanting so badly to pull the damn thing off / wrestling between being ordinary or more than ordinary / I decide to stick with it / not to mention I now have “wig hair” / thinking if anyone asks / I’ll just tell them it was a dare / then I was like / well what’s the point if I am going to lie about it / I am wearing just because I wanted to / for no reason / because it’s not normally what I would do / because I am exploring my boundaries.

a nite in the burbs

kai, gipsy and e venturing in the burbs of Franklin, MA…celebration of fabric!

so / I meet up with my girlfriends / they look and say with a confused smile “hey what’s up with the hair? ” / not wanting to lie and not wanting to explain my long winded explanation / I just smiled and continued onward/ to wrap my long story up / I stayed with the wig / I got comments / and stares /yes,  lots of both / was it uncomfortable? /yes / it was itchy /I couldn’t dance the way I wanted and I was terrified that it would fall off / was it worth it? / absolutely / I chose “yes” when I normally would have chosen “no”/ will it make me stronger in more important decisions? / I think so / I did something that made me uncomfortable / I stuck with it and I didn’t die / anything new is scary / but like they saying goes / “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”/ I am choosing to see the world from a differnt perspective and I have to say / it has been an extraordinary experience / kai


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