So yes / it is true / i love to eat / but being the kai and gipsy girl who I am / it’s more than just the eating / ordinary people eat / that does not interest me / not in the least / what I want / what I desire / what I need / is the experience of eating / yes / the whole kit and caboodle / from the shopping stroll / to that first luscious bite / all of it / from where I am sitting to whom I am sitting with / the air around me / the mood / the smell / the light / yes / everything.

fire side

kai & gipsy fire side

It all starts with the shopping stroll / I love open air farmer’s markets / anything outdoors is my favorite / the dappling sun / the smell of freshly cut flowers dancing in the air / the faint buzz of chatter as fellow strollers talk to the vendors, or friends / commenting on this or that / sampling homemade jams, soups and other such yummy treats / the brilliant colors of earth’s finest / playing off each other / teasing and tempting the helpless stroller to purchase not just one of them / but all of them…

yes / my stroll sets the mood for the meal / intimate and quiet / festive and loud / lakeside or fireside / mountainside or poolside / it all starts with the stroll / When I have my menu set / I buy the perfect bottle of wine / put on a  kai and gipsy playlist / and do my dance / I love the dance / the dance between friends / flavors /dreams / and manifestations / I enjoy the cooking dance by myself / it could be that I have a small kitchen / but truthfully I love to be in the moment of creating / alone / nothing to distract me as I imagine how the taste of one spice might play against the other / and the smell / I love to smell the food while it’s cooking / becoming / manifesting.

bristol beach, falmouth

Celebrating Falmouth Road Race with friends, family and lots of spice…

As I have said before / even after all this / it’s not really the what’s for dinner / but so much more about the who and the where / I love sharing my experience with my favorite people in our favorite places / poolside / lakeside / mountainside / anything outSIDE / makes for a better experience / the air / the openness / the scenery / the conversation / I could be eating an almond butter and orange marmalade sandwich on fresh baked bakery bread (kai’s version of the Peanut Butter & Jelly) with my favorite people on a cold November day / staring at a lake that will soon be frozen over / looking into the horizon / or on a park bench / watching the leaves fall gently to the ground with a cup of white hot chocolate made from my kitchen / and enjoy it far more then in a stuffy restaurant / sitting in uncomfortable chairs / drinking over priced wine / swallowing mediocre food and staring at 4 stuffy walls / so / choose a night /invite your favorite people /to your favorite place / and share / not just a meal / but an experience / kai


One response to “KaiSpice

  1. I would walk for miles for the perfect spice, atmosphere and people to share the taste, experience…these briliant moments of perfection create extraordinary memories…
    i still remember the taste of fresh picked tomatoes from my grandparents house in Snagov, RO / omleta taraneasca at Dinamo, 2 Mai / nutela everywhere and on everything even on pizza in Mexico and around the fire in VT / blueberry scones shared by a river or in my car with a Starbucks mocha and iTunes when pregnant / chocolate moments (so many to even start lising 🙂 / and my recent experience, dinner cruising the Hudson River, NYC celebrating my friends getting married // crazy/beautiful!

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