Kaispeaks: Umami/The 5th Dimension

The new buzz word / so much so that I hesitate to use it / the 5th taste / the dimension that brings all others together in a euphoric moment of experience / I have had many of these moments / however they do not always happen with my palate / it has found its way into my very existence / transcending time / nothing before / nothing after / the simple truth of IS/ the perfect blend of everything /where all is understood and nothing needs explaining.

I had my first moment many years ago in NYC / I was walking along  W 72nd street /  it was a beautiful summer day / I had an amazingly simple experience in Central Park / and all of a sudden / I existed / yet differently / I was in my skin / but had no limitations / I literally became absorbed in the essence of the moment / I smelled flowers I could not see and heard leaves rustling three blocks away / CPW and 72nd Street / it took my breath away / but I could breathe / grace, harmony & peace intersecting at Umami Junction.


kai & gipsy fireside / Mt. Tabor, VT 2008

I have had many more experiences since then / some just as dramatic / some not / but every one as powerful / sitting on a log on a cold mountain night with Gipsy, my brilliant & gifted  friend / fire crackling and nose running / the smell of wood smoke, intoxicating and mesmerizing as it climbed its invisible ladder upward / dancing / to meet the stars that literally made the sky shimmer / or sitting on top of Celebration Rock / which is / in my book / Heaven on Earth / or when I dance / defying gravity and all its laws and expectations / putting the perfect piece of sushi in my mouth / allowing Umami to take over and combine the flavors, the atmosphere, the company and the celebration of creativity and friendship.


Embrace each morning’s mystery

Umami / all that is ordinary and expected give way to extraordinary and surprising / resting in a perfect state of complete surrender;  to all that was, is and ever will be / all these things lending their own exquisite voice to the harmonious sound that defies human understanding / transcending to a place that simply cannot be described / only experienced / share your umami moments with me / kai


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