The Magic of 5

In search for a new book I ran into Decoding Design. I opened the page randomly to the number five, also knows as Free-Form Life. I was intrigued! So I read…The number five is the symbolic of man, health, love and the energy of movement acting upon matter – what we also call magic. The ancient Greeks recognized four elements – air, fire, water and earth – until Aristotle added a fifth, ether. The Pythagoreans called it nether, the fifth essence, which they said flew upward to creation and out of it the stars were born. The Indian healing art, Ayurveda, recognizes that these five elements play a role in creation, regeneration and healing.

This fifth element called ether or nether is the quintessence – the magical stuff of living, breathing form. It defines an element so rare that it can’t be seen or felt but is pervasive in everything created and everything we do.

Organic nature reproduces itself through a seed or egg, but some plants and animals can regenerate from a part of themselves. A starfish can regenerate a lost leg and that lost leg can grow a whole new body. The number five symbolizes the unseen force of regeneration – renewal, rebirth, revival, restoration, and all other words that imply the ability to recreate something old as something new.

This put me back in Puerto Rico trekking in El Yunque Tropical Rainforest with my friend Michelle May. On our way down we ran into a spiral looking plant which we loved, touched and photographed! We were amazed by its symmetry but had no idea of its meaning! It’s all in the magic of 5, the spiraling quintessence which permeates our being, sustaining body and soul….

With every ending there is a new beginning. Coming soon as kai and gipsy urban wear!


One response to “The Magic of 5

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    Rick Roux

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