Kai and Gipsy Bag Check

What’s in your travel bag? A week ago I was sitting on the plane trying to distract from a bumpy ride back to Boston, MA from Atlanta, GA. I started thinking about kai and gipsy, my travel bag, life etc.

As a traveling spirit, kai and gipsy wear is meant to see the world…the Gipsy Wrap is a favorite for the plane ride, it gives you an extra layer of comfort and fashion. It is also light enough that it will pack in your carry on and/or hand bag! Another on the plane friend is the Extraordinary Burnout, you will travel in fun and find some inspiration for those inevitable bumpy rides…And yes, we are still trying to find a smooth ride!

KaiSpice in Alternative Apparel / The Gipsy Wrap

On location you must bring the kai and gipsy tank tops. They are more than just a tank, they have a sexy urban look and athletic fit which makes them versatile, the perfect day and night wear. Accessorize them for an eve out, layer them on a cool day and wear them casually site seeing, exploring or taking an adventure trip.

In my bag:
Illusions / The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
Running shoes
Dance Short Sleeve and Tank Top, Extraordinary Hoodie

Finally descending into Boston, safely I hope! Regardless of this flying experience I love to travel and one of my favorite moments is take off! On my 2010 Just Do List is to one day go to the airport, pick a random flight and destination. Blog material for sure!


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