Express Yourself

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As you walk this world your personal style is your voice and brand. Take a look in your closet, it tells your story…

The leather or pleather jacket, a personal favorite with lots of stories to tell. With a dress or skirt, it gives you an edge. With black jeans you can be “The girl with the dragon tattoo“! With any of the “Be More Than Ordinary” t-shirts by Kai and Gipsy you will rock your free spirit!

Leathers, we love All Saints and Free People! Check them out, Muu Baa Leather Jacket from Free People and All Saints. No words necessary…

Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

All Saints with the Be more than ordinary Essential T-shirt by Kai and Gipsy. The road is wide open….and Kai and Gipsy can take you to new places.

For an environmental conscious look go for the faux leather.

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Express yourself…
Be the change you want to see in the world. {Gandhi}


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