About Kai and Gipsy

Hi and welcome. I am Andreea Waters, a Marketing Professional from Bucharest, Romania now living in New York, NY. In 2009 I founded Kai and Gipsy Urban Wear, a lifestyle apparel line designed from personal photography and inspired by travel, music and street fashion. The blog is a documentary of my thoughts, experiences and discoveries that move and fuel my creative spirit.

Kai and Gipsy {name} :: a journey of passion, desire and celebration of the free spirit. In Hawaiian Kai means ocean, to me a vision of the endless dream. The sound, smell and energy of the ocean take you higher. The gipsy evokes the forms and colors of the traveling, wondering spirit. Put on your Kai and Gipsy wear and see where the road takes you.

Kai and Gipsy {woman} :: Passionate. Explores boundaries. Provocative. Free spirit. Independent. She travels. Her style is personal, existential. She feels. Loves. Dances to the rhythm of life. She lives her dreams. Changes the world. She is more than ordinary. She is you.

Kai and Gipsy photo designs are fine printed onto high quality ready-to-wear fashion brands by American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, COIN 1804 and Pima Apparel.

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One response to “About Kai and Gipsy

  1. This is Danielle from SPOIL’D boutique. I was wondering if you have any new styles to show me?
    Thank you

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