Bliss With An Edge

Deborah Jaishree will make you shine, smile, sing and set an intention. And she will also play at your wedding. Her voice, spiritual guidance and yoga practice is unique, she shares sweetness with a vibrant and artful edge. Yesterday we played on the grounds of Castle Island, Boston MA, camera in hand…

Jaishree and Clarence Wedding Band

Blissfully edgy wedding band. Jaishree and Clarence will rock your Day.

Jaishree Yog, Boston MA

Sweet practice of bliss with Jaishree Yoga.

Jaishree spent 13 years as a professional actress in New York City and Los Angeles. Weaved into this exciting, demanding, and ultimately debilitating lifestyle, she often heard her authentic inner voice cry out ‘yoga saves me, yoga saves me‘- and it did! She left the world of dramatic play and found the bliss of healthy play and yoga service in Boston, MA. Her practice and programs now reflect her diverse experience by creating balance and abundance out of tremendous contrast.

Deoborah Jaishree Yoga Boston MA

Jaishree Yoga practice is strong with physical and spiritual energy.

Deborah Jaishree is a Bhakti Yogi, an aspiring Vaisnava, who serves under the guidance of her beloved Spiritual Master his Grace Nitya Lila Om Vishnupad Astottara Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja. Bhakti Yoga is is the practice and service of divine love.

Jaishree and Clarence playing Moya Drums

Music heals, inspires and moves you. Clarence plays the MOYO Drums at Castle Island, Boston MA.

MOYO Drums Jaishree Yoga

Flow to the rhythms of the MOYO Drum

Jaishree Yoga and Moyo Drums Art

Space and form. {Castle Island, Boston MA}

Jaishree Yoga Boston MA

Rocking yoga spirit. Jaishree at Castle Island, Boston MA

Castle Island, Boston MA

ODYSSEY {Castle Island, Boston MA}

A day to remember, cold with a raw ocean breeze full of passion, love and inspiration. We walked away as the rain started…timing is everything. Namaste.


2010 Moments

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. {Anais Nin}

American Apparel Embrace Slouch T-shirt, a 2010 best seller!

Kai and Gipsy partners with Elizabeth Stone House. Design inspiration comes from The House, wear the Hot Copper to show off your fashionable support for this amazing organization! {Proceeds to benefit ESH}
Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

Launched Kai and Gipsy for Tennis! Chic, urban designs for on/off tennis court fashion. Hot sellers at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament, New Haven, CT and Campbell’s International Tennis Hall of Fame Championship, Newport, RI.

Kai and Gipsy tennis chicas at the 2010 Campbell’s International Tennis Hall of Fame Championship.

Passion. Love. Tennis by Kai and Gipsy gets featured on Tennis Identity

Andreea and Adrienne meet Sarah McLachlan at Lilith Fair Boston 2010. Kai and Gipsy’s American Apparel Believe Racerback Tank gets admired by Sarah. Sweet!!

Lilith Fair fashion by Kai and Gipsy.

Embrace Slouch T-Shirt lands in Vama Veche, Romania via my travel and discovery friend Michelle May of Festival Creative. Kai and Gipsy is meant to travel, see where the road takes you…

American Apparel Dance Racerback Tank makes it to Mary’s Rock in the Blue Ridge / Shanandoah Park. A favorite in my closet!

Andreea Waters and Rachel Mohr design and launch the Pretty is Pink Boutique website.
Kai and Gipsy Urban Wear continues to be a best seller at PIP / NYC/LA fashion in the burbs of Franklin, MA.

Andreea shoots Thunderlily’s 2010 Fall High Fashion Collection inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road. Fell in love, now owner of the Straight Skirt and the book.

Hot Copper T-Shirt by Kai and Gipsy
Hitch Skirt by Thunderlily
Jewelry by Monique Rancourt

The perfect mix for Boho Chic Fashion.

Kai and Gipsy celebrates the opening of Spoil’d Boutique at Legacy Place, Dedham, MA.

Kai and Gipsy partners with Festival Creative to bring the annual Cirque Du Noir to Worcester, MA. An evening of live fusion art, music, a silent art auction and intoxicating atmosphere of creativity to benefit the Worcester County Food Bank.

Be more than ordinary Basic T-shirt. Fun colors and textures, a favorite Holiday gift!

Kai and Gipsy is fun. Life is sweet…make sure you taste it!

Stay in touch for new designs, happenings, promotions and goodies.

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A big XO to all the Kai and Gipsy friends!

Happy 2011! See where the road takes you…..


The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

— Jelaluddin Rumi

The Guest House, Chester CT

Heading to my first yoga retreat weekend organized by YhomYoga happening at The Guest House. Curious and excited to explore the yoga world closer…

The Magic of 5

In search for a new book I ran into Decoding Design. I opened the page randomly to the number five, also knows as Free-Form Life. I was intrigued! So I read…The number five is the symbolic of man, health, love and the energy of movement acting upon matter – what we also call magic. The ancient Greeks recognized four elements – air, fire, water and earth – until Aristotle added a fifth, ether. The Pythagoreans called it nether, the fifth essence, which they said flew upward to creation and out of it the stars were born. The Indian healing art, Ayurveda, recognizes that these five elements play a role in creation, regeneration and healing.

This fifth element called ether or nether is the quintessence – the magical stuff of living, breathing form. It defines an element so rare that it can’t be seen or felt but is pervasive in everything created and everything we do.

Organic nature reproduces itself through a seed or egg, but some plants and animals can regenerate from a part of themselves. A starfish can regenerate a lost leg and that lost leg can grow a whole new body. The number five symbolizes the unseen force of regeneration – renewal, rebirth, revival, restoration, and all other words that imply the ability to recreate something old as something new.

This put me back in Puerto Rico trekking in El Yunque Tropical Rainforest with my friend Michelle May. On our way down we ran into a spiral looking plant which we loved, touched and photographed! We were amazed by its symmetry but had no idea of its meaning! It’s all in the magic of 5, the spiraling quintessence which permeates our being, sustaining body and soul….

With every ending there is a new beginning. Coming soon as kai and gipsy urban wear!

2009 / Kai and Gipsy Moments

It all started with a vision, a camera, a hike in the VT woods and two shadows dreaming their dreams…kai and gipsy was brought to life in 2009! As we toast the New Year, we want to savor and share some 2009 moments…

First product shot / 2nd Beach, RI. We’ve come a long way! Check out kai and gipsy Etsy Shop. Thanks to Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

Lili rocking the kai and gipsy tank at Depeche Mode. An evening of pure trance into the world of industrial sounds!

Andreea shopping and wearing kai and gipsy at SOWA Boston.

Mama J in the kai and gipsy burnout spotted on the streets of Providence, RI.

kaiSpice tasting the mountain. Embrace each morning’s mystery design on American Apparel Racerback.

Dreea trekking NYC in the Gipsy Wrap.

The girls celebrating kai and gipsy showing at Providence Fashion Show at AS220.

Flamenco style with Natalie at Eclectic Music and Fashion Show / Providence, RI.

The Gipsy Wrap makes it to Aruba for A&A honeymoon.

Cristina stylin’ for ThanksGiving in Cancun! Dance to the rhythm of your life…

kai and gipsy urban wear / Be more than ordinary.
Check out kai and gipsy photoshoot on Flickr.
Photo by Luminessence Studio

Enjoy. Breathe deep.
Live in the present.
Drink to the future
but savor the past.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Bien venido 2010!


So yes / it is true / i love to eat / but being the kai and gipsy girl who I am / it’s more than just the eating / ordinary people eat / that does not interest me / not in the least / what I want / what I desire / what I need / is the experience of eating / yes / the whole kit and caboodle / from the shopping stroll / to that first luscious bite / all of it / from where I am sitting to whom I am sitting with / the air around me / the mood / the smell / the light / yes / everything.

fire side

kai & gipsy fire side

It all starts with the shopping stroll / I love open air farmer’s markets / anything outdoors is my favorite / the dappling sun / the smell of freshly cut flowers dancing in the air / the faint buzz of chatter as fellow strollers talk to the vendors, or friends / commenting on this or that / sampling homemade jams, soups and other such yummy treats / the brilliant colors of earth’s finest / playing off each other / teasing and tempting the helpless stroller to purchase not just one of them / but all of them…

yes / my stroll sets the mood for the meal / intimate and quiet / festive and loud / lakeside or fireside / mountainside or poolside / it all starts with the stroll / When I have my menu set / I buy the perfect bottle of wine / put on a  kai and gipsy playlist / and do my dance / I love the dance / the dance between friends / flavors /dreams / and manifestations / I enjoy the cooking dance by myself / it could be that I have a small kitchen / but truthfully I love to be in the moment of creating / alone / nothing to distract me as I imagine how the taste of one spice might play against the other / and the smell / I love to smell the food while it’s cooking / becoming / manifesting.

bristol beach, falmouth

Celebrating Falmouth Road Race with friends, family and lots of spice…

As I have said before / even after all this / it’s not really the what’s for dinner / but so much more about the who and the where / I love sharing my experience with my favorite people in our favorite places / poolside / lakeside / mountainside / anything outSIDE / makes for a better experience / the air / the openness / the scenery / the conversation / I could be eating an almond butter and orange marmalade sandwich on fresh baked bakery bread (kai’s version of the Peanut Butter & Jelly) with my favorite people on a cold November day / staring at a lake that will soon be frozen over / looking into the horizon / or on a park bench / watching the leaves fall gently to the ground with a cup of white hot chocolate made from my kitchen / and enjoy it far more then in a stuffy restaurant / sitting in uncomfortable chairs / drinking over priced wine / swallowing mediocre food and staring at 4 stuffy walls / so / choose a night /invite your favorite people /to your favorite place / and share / not just a meal / but an experience / kai

Extraordinary by Kai

be more then ordinary / simple request / complicated answer / what does this mean? / I think that answer will be different for every woman who chooses to explore her boundaries / we all have them / boundaries / the ones that were set for us from our parents / the ones that we set for ourselves from our experiences / and the ones that are expected from society / to be more than ordinary/ in my opinion / is to say “yes” to what you normally would say “no” to.


Exploring boundaries…

basically / put yourself on the line /  if you are new to this practice / take baby steps / no need to jump out of planes just yet / set easy, attainable goals / start with one / see what it feels like / i will give you a for instance / last night I came home from dancing, washed my face, brushed my teeth and was about to go into my bed, but decided to sleep on the couch instead / why? / don’t know / just because it was something I normally don’t do / I have to say/ I had a great night sleep and woke up this morning completely energized and refreshed / small / attainable / easy.
next? / yes please! / keep doing this whenever the thought pops into your head / I promise you / you will awaken a part of you that you knew as child / curious / provocative / passionate / before expectations thickened the walls of your boundaries / I continue to put myself in these types of situations / I have always wanted pink hair/ however/ I have not been successful in finding a hairdresser in New England that that will do this for me.
okay / gotta take you on my time machine / let’s go back a year to SoHo, NYC / I bought a pink wig as my NYC “hat” / I am a hat girl / just love them / and it is awesome / now roaming the streets of NYC with a pink wig on / easy / secured by my cool purple hat / I had a blast!


Soho, NYC ’08 / Kai Pink

okay back onto the time machine to  present day / the burbs of New England / I am going out dancing with some girlfriends at a local bar / nothing fancy / blue collar / no frills / no special lighting / think pool hall with a dance floor / as I am getting dressed /I spot the bag my wig  has been sitting in for a year at the bottom of my closet / the burbs are boring me / so I pull it out and put it on / secure it with a pink bandanna / and in my house I start dancing / looks awesome / I think to myself / I should wear this tonight / so I decide to do it / before I leave the house / I give myself one last check / still looks good / I walk confidently out to the car / get in and drive away / 2 minutes into my drive my head starts itching / then I become very aware that I am going out with long pink hair / the panic sets in / I start to sweat a little / head is now itching madly / I take a glance in the rear view mirror and notice that some of my real hair is sticking out / more panic / a little dry in the mouth now /wanting so badly to pull the damn thing off / wrestling between being ordinary or more than ordinary / I decide to stick with it / not to mention I now have “wig hair” / thinking if anyone asks / I’ll just tell them it was a dare / then I was like / well what’s the point if I am going to lie about it / I am wearing just because I wanted to / for no reason / because it’s not normally what I would do / because I am exploring my boundaries.

a nite in the burbs

kai, gipsy and e venturing in the burbs of Franklin, MA…celebration of fabric!

so / I meet up with my girlfriends / they look and say with a confused smile “hey what’s up with the hair? ” / not wanting to lie and not wanting to explain my long winded explanation / I just smiled and continued onward/ to wrap my long story up / I stayed with the wig / I got comments / and stares /yes,  lots of both / was it uncomfortable? /yes / it was itchy /I couldn’t dance the way I wanted and I was terrified that it would fall off / was it worth it? / absolutely / I chose “yes” when I normally would have chosen “no”/ will it make me stronger in more important decisions? / I think so / I did something that made me uncomfortable / I stuck with it and I didn’t die / anything new is scary / but like they saying goes / “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”/ I am choosing to see the world from a differnt perspective and I have to say / it has been an extraordinary experience / kai