Kai and Gipsy Goes to Australia!

What does the Australian Open and Kai and Gipsy have in common?  Passion.  Kai and Gipsy was made to travel and this time it made an appearance in Australia! The Passion. Love. Tennis Reverse Stitch Long Sleeve was shipped from USA and warn on the grounds of the Australian Open!

Image via Kaiandgipsy.com Passion. Love. Tennis Reverse Stitch Long Sleeve

The Australian Open Women singles competition was won by Kim Clijsters of Belgium. Clijsters won the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Trophy, and she will soon move to the world’s No.2 spot. Well done Kim and we look forward to seeing some beautiful tennis from you this year.

Image via australianopen.com / Photo by Ben Solomon

With Kai and Gipsy tennis fashion you will show your passion for the game both on and off the court. Check out our tennis lifestyle designs. Vamos!!


Express Yourself

Image via FreePeople.com

As you walk this world your personal style is your voice and brand. Take a look in your closet, it tells your story…

The leather or pleather jacket, a personal favorite with lots of stories to tell. With a dress or skirt, it gives you an edge. With black jeans you can be “The girl with the dragon tattoo“! With any of the “Be More Than Ordinary” t-shirts by Kai and Gipsy you will rock your free spirit!

Leathers, we love All Saints and Free People! Check them out, Muu Baa Leather Jacket from Free People and All Saints. No words necessary…

Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

All Saints with the Be more than ordinary Essential T-shirt by Kai and Gipsy. The road is wide open….and Kai and Gipsy can take you to new places.

For an environmental conscious look go for the faux leather.

Image via www.Forever21.com

Express yourself…
Be the change you want to see in the world. {Gandhi}

2010 Moments

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. {Anais Nin}

American Apparel Embrace Slouch T-shirt, a 2010 best seller!

Kai and Gipsy partners with Elizabeth Stone House. Design inspiration comes from The House, wear the Hot Copper to show off your fashionable support for this amazing organization! {Proceeds to benefit ESH}
Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

Launched Kai and Gipsy for Tennis! Chic, urban designs for on/off tennis court fashion. Hot sellers at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament, New Haven, CT and Campbell’s International Tennis Hall of Fame Championship, Newport, RI.

Kai and Gipsy tennis chicas at the 2010 Campbell’s International Tennis Hall of Fame Championship.

Passion. Love. Tennis by Kai and Gipsy gets featured on Tennis Identity

Andreea and Adrienne meet Sarah McLachlan at Lilith Fair Boston 2010. Kai and Gipsy’s American Apparel Believe Racerback Tank gets admired by Sarah. Sweet!!

Lilith Fair fashion by Kai and Gipsy.

Embrace Slouch T-Shirt lands in Vama Veche, Romania via my travel and discovery friend Michelle May of Festival Creative. Kai and Gipsy is meant to travel, see where the road takes you…

American Apparel Dance Racerback Tank makes it to Mary’s Rock in the Blue Ridge / Shanandoah Park. A favorite in my closet!

Andreea Waters and Rachel Mohr design and launch the Pretty is Pink Boutique website.
Kai and Gipsy Urban Wear continues to be a best seller at PIP / NYC/LA fashion in the burbs of Franklin, MA.

Andreea shoots Thunderlily’s 2010 Fall High Fashion Collection inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road. Fell in love, now owner of the Straight Skirt and the book.

Hot Copper T-Shirt by Kai and Gipsy
Hitch Skirt by Thunderlily
Jewelry by Monique Rancourt

The perfect mix for Boho Chic Fashion.

Kai and Gipsy celebrates the opening of Spoil’d Boutique at Legacy Place, Dedham, MA.

Kai and Gipsy partners with Festival Creative to bring the annual Cirque Du Noir to Worcester, MA. An evening of live fusion art, music, a silent art auction and intoxicating atmosphere of creativity to benefit the Worcester County Food Bank.

Be more than ordinary Basic T-shirt. Fun colors and textures, a favorite Holiday gift!

Kai and Gipsy is fun. Life is sweet…make sure you taste it!

Stay in touch for new designs, happenings, promotions and goodies.

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A big XO to all the Kai and Gipsy friends!

Happy 2011! See where the road takes you…..

Art. Fashion. Inspiration

Crafty times…Last weekend I participated in the Worcester Mayfair / over 50 artists sold their goods and took part of this celebration of art, music, food and fun…Recently reopened, the Worcester Arts and Crafts Center offers amazing crafts education, celebrates and promotes fine arts in the community.

Three days full of inspiration, kai and gipsy fashion and fun! Discovered that I could own every piece of Monique Rancourt’s Jewelry…her rocker chic style is the perfect accessory for kai and gipsy wear! Already owner of a few pieces, I had to invest in an amazing teeth necklace…Beautiful belated Mother’s Day present!

Mixed media rubber bracelet, love it and own it in the black!
Image via Monique Rancourt Jewelry

Tank Top by kai and gipsy / Bracelet by Monique Rancourt
Photo by Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

Another favorite is Ashley Vick of Filomena Demarco Jewelry / her line is beautifully crafted, the stones are one of a kind, set in a organic modern style…there is something so fresh about her work!

Sterling silver dreams…
Image via Filomena Demarco Jewelry

kai and gipsy goods at Worcester Mayfair

kai and gipsy chica wearing the Embrace Burnout Dress / Alternative Apparel

kai and gipsy on the road at the Worcester Arts and Crafts Center, Mayfair

Drums Alive Kai and Gipsy Style

People walk by and stop. They stare through the window, hear the drum beats and watch us go nuts! I am sure they wish they had sticks and a ball! Drums Alive rocks and makes you feel like a rock star…It is an hour of 100% natural high!

Christine O’Neil wearing kai and gipsy Dance Tank / via MilfordDailyNews.com

Drums Alive was introduced to the Franklin YMCA by Christine O’Neil aka KaiSpice in kai and gipsy world. Kai means ocean in Hawaiian / in Burmese, Kai means strong, or unbreakable / in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, Kai means love…when you meet KaiSpice you will sense her spirit and almost taste the spice. She is an inspiration, an amazing woman with a brilliant voice, passion and charisma that will intoxicate you.

Vika & ~e wearing kai and gipsy Embrace and Dance Designs / via MilfordDailyNews.com

Outside her gift for fitness, KaiSpice travels the kai and gipsy road. It started with a vision, a camera, a hike in the VT woods and two shadows dreaming their dreams…kaiSpice is a kai and gipsy chica, an extraordinary woman, a dancing shadow friend, and a believer in the kai and gipsy magic.

Dance to the rhythm of your life / kai and gipsy 2009

Drum with kai and gipsy at the Franklin YMCA and check out kai and gipsy Urban Wear / Be more than ordinary.

kai and gipsy wear has an urban sexy fit making each t-shirt versatile and a favorite in your closet. You can trek the city in your kai and gipsy wear and dress it up for an evening out. Wear your t-shirts at your favorite lounge or yoga class, with jeans, skirt and boots, accessorize it with a scarf and leather.

kai and gipsy is meant to travel, put on your urban wear and see where the road takes you…

2009 / Kai and Gipsy Moments

It all started with a vision, a camera, a hike in the VT woods and two shadows dreaming their dreams…kai and gipsy was brought to life in 2009! As we toast the New Year, we want to savor and share some 2009 moments…

First product shot / 2nd Beach, RI. We’ve come a long way! Check out kai and gipsy Etsy Shop. Thanks to Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

Lili rocking the kai and gipsy tank at Depeche Mode. An evening of pure trance into the world of industrial sounds!

Andreea shopping and wearing kai and gipsy at SOWA Boston.

Mama J in the kai and gipsy burnout spotted on the streets of Providence, RI.

kaiSpice tasting the mountain. Embrace each morning’s mystery design on American Apparel Racerback.

Dreea trekking NYC in the Gipsy Wrap.

The girls celebrating kai and gipsy showing at Providence Fashion Show at AS220.

Flamenco style with Natalie at Eclectic Music and Fashion Show / Providence, RI.

The Gipsy Wrap makes it to Aruba for A&A honeymoon.

Cristina stylin’ for ThanksGiving in Cancun! Dance to the rhythm of your life…

kai and gipsy urban wear / Be more than ordinary.
Check out kai and gipsy photoshoot on Flickr.
Photo by Luminessence Studio

Enjoy. Breathe deep.
Live in the present.
Drink to the future
but savor the past.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Bien venido 2010!

Shop Cyber Monday With Kai & Gipsy

Inspire yourself or give to a friend this holiday season! kai and gipsy urban wear / custom designed photo art fashion T-shirts such as American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and Pima Apparel. Everyday wear with a sexy, urban fit, versatile and inspirational. Free shipping in the U.S. Be the first online shoppers and receive a kai & gipsy treat.

American Apparel / Embrace Slouch T-Shirt, the best seller this weekend! An 80s inspired look made to wear today. Ultra-light oversized T-shirt made with Viscose, a rayon material that has a silky appearance and feel. Wear it with skinny jeans and your favorite boots. Accessorize with a scarf, leather jacket, add a belt, have fun!

Inspired by a morning sunrise, Rt. 7 VT. The sun peaking behind the trees sparkled in copper, burning the fog and giving away the morning’s mystery / a perfect photo moment while driving on the ethereal wave of Dead Can Dance…

Embrace each morning’s mystery.

Alternative Apparel / The Gipsy Wrap. Design inspiration comes from El Yunque Tropical Rainforest, Puerto Rico. In my recent visit I spent a day trekking the woods, capturing on camera the texture, feel, taste and magic of the forest. Wear this beautiful African Tulip and see where it takes you…

American Apparel / Dance Racerback Tank Top. Meant to be layered and worn all year round! Available in Athletic Grey and Black Magic.

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