Photos That Define Me

I see color, form, texture, movement, angles, mood…drawn into the romance of the moment. Friday I begin my new photography adventure, The Documentary Project: The Photographer as Storyteller – taught by Natan Dvir at the ICP – International Center of Photography NY. For the first class we had to pick five pictures that describe our photography. Here I am….

Snagov, Romania

Explore boundaries. {Snagov, Romania}

Reflections. Mass Moca North Adams MA

Reflection. {Mass MoCA / North Adams, MA}

NYC moments

Love. Laugh. Live {Radu & Clare, NYC}

Andrei and Andreea

Colors of love. {Andrei & Andreea, NH}

Hudson River, Hastings on Hudson, NY

Life moves. {Hudson River, NY}


Discovering Life Riverside

Life moves…started 2012 on the East side of the Hudson River. I traded in the comfort of Franklin, MA suburb lifestyle for the views of the Hudson River, a minimalist environmentally friendly home {Rivertown House aka The Tree House} and the luxury of having a half hour train ride to NYC, my favorite city in the U.S. Sounds fabulous and it is but the process of change and reclaiming myself riverside left me stripped emotionally. I felt trapped in paradise.

Rivertown House aka The Tree House / Designed by Christina Griffin

Twenty plus years ago I moved from Romania to the U.S. so I thought the three hours relocation will be a piece of cake. Excited to be so close to NYC, everything seemed like it will move by itself. But no! there was a big suburban house to pack and downsize to fit the urban living space which I am still working on…The first night spent in the Tree House, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that the neighbors who were partying next door were inside my house. Yes, we have very close neighbors, stray cats, trains, boats going by, and the best coffee shop, Antoinette’s Patisserie….so long crickets and tree frogs of Franklin!

Cafe Late perfection at  Antoinette’s Patisserie

Another fun adjustment is street parking, how many tickets do you think I got and keep getting forgetting the street cleaning rule? Ha! Definetly supporting the village…And no more garage, even my son said during a rain storm, “Mami, I wish we still had a garage!”. The NY parkways, for a while I was driving him to and from pre-K and couldn’t figure out why the exits are different North and South…ops!! There are three parkways to be confused. Discovering life off the roads, in the little villages riverside has been fun. There is a lot more to see and taste – this is the artsy side of Westchester County.

Wave Hill Gardens, Bronx NY

Window shopping / Irvington, NY

Irvington Art Gallery, NY

The Palisades define the riverside, adding color and texture to the Hudson River. It’s been amazing waking up everyday with this view, watching it change over the few months of Tree House living. Somedays it can be cold and uninviting, others warm with a tropical island atmosphere, peaceful at times, bright and crisp in the sunshine and mysteriously disappearing in foggy, misty days. I like opening my eyes and finding an element of surprise. So I decided to document the River Moods, click here to check out a few more photos on Kai & Gipsy Facebook page {and Like if not already}.

New Years Day hike on the Palisades, across the river from the Tree House

At the end of the day these are all habits, as humans we become conditioned and dependent. Altho these can all be changed, the hardest part of moving is the people I left behind. I miss my circle of friends and family. But things happen for a reason and there is always a good, they get to come visit NYC and I have the challenge to break the tough NY crowd. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

So, as I am still finding my NY rhythm, I am happy to be here and find that altho change is hard, it is most of all inspiring. And as I like to say, put on your Kai and Gipsy wear and see where the road takes you….