NYC streets

A sweet creative challenge and the best Xmas present! This winter I took a NYC street photography class at the ICP – International Center for Photography. This five week course brought me to the streets of NYC, Time Square and China Town. The challenge was to capture the energy and spirit of the streets, up close and personal. The reward was feedback from Israeli photographer, Natan Dvir. His work is amazing, he focuses on the human aspects of political, social and cultural issues. The subjects, composition and colors move you into the moment with intense, raw energy – love his eye and style. Check out his projects.

Photography is been my hobby, the way I document my life and express emotions. I am drawn to the energy of the moment. This class introduced me to photographing impersonal situations where I had to develop my relationship with the space, people and time. I had to anticipate the moment in a unpredictable environment. And no cropping! The challenges…

Take one :: Times Square NYC

Time Square NYC colors

Racing for green {Time Square, NYC}

Street emotions {Time Square, NYC}

Street art {Time Square NYC}

Street food {Time Square, NYC}

Street vibes {Time Square, NYC}

Take two :: Chinatown NYC

Color and craft {Chinatown NYC}

The man and his fresh fish {Chinatown NYC}

Dim Sum at Sunshine 27 {Chinatown NYC}

Street shopping {Chinatown NYC}

Browsing {Chinatown NYC}

Everything for sale {Chinatown NYC}

What’s next? Documentary class. Rock on!!


Eclectic Fashion & Music

k&g Style American Apparel Tanks

An evening of fashion, music and friends in Providence, RI. Just had to say yes and figure it out! The designs showing are inspired from travels to El Yunque Tropical Rainforest, Puerto Rico, the streets of NYC and the woods of Danby, VT. kai & gipsy apparel is printed on fashion t-shirts to give the perfect fit with a sexy urban style. We like American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and Pima Apparel. And to make it all happen runway style, I am very lucky to have friends with talent! Esther Hogan helped me patch the dress, add zippers and details to the tanks…Donna, she is the bell sleeves master.

big fat zippers

Audrey A. in the kai & gipsy T-Dress

k&g T-Dress

Dance to the rhythm of your life

Natalie rocking the show / Dance to the rhythm of your life, bell sleeve T.


Beverly in Be more than ordinary


Hot off the press loving the copper / Mandy in Embrace each morning’s mystery

Hosted by AS220, the fashion show and sale of designer original contemporary fashions and accessories included wearable art, recycled, deconstructed and new clothing, and accessories for men, women (& kids) featured the work of 14 emerging designers from New England, on models provided by DPG.

dress by cyrahn

Dress by Cyrahn



Salvagge cool jewelry.

k&g friends

kai & gipsy friends! thanks yall for coming out to play…XO