Photos That Define Me

I see color, form, texture, movement, angles, mood…drawn into the romance of the moment. Friday I begin my new photography adventure, The Documentary Project: The Photographer as Storyteller – taught by Natan Dvir at the ICP – International Center of Photography NY. For the first class we had to pick five pictures that describe our photography. Here I am….

Snagov, Romania

Explore boundaries. {Snagov, Romania}

Reflections. Mass Moca North Adams MA

Reflection. {Mass MoCA / North Adams, MA}

NYC moments

Love. Laugh. Live {Radu & Clare, NYC}

Andrei and Andreea

Colors of love. {Andrei & Andreea, NH}

Hudson River, Hastings on Hudson, NY

Life moves. {Hudson River, NY}


Bliss With An Edge

Deborah Jaishree will make you shine, smile, sing and set an intention. And she will also play at your wedding. Her voice, spiritual guidance and yoga practice is unique, she shares sweetness with a vibrant and artful edge. Yesterday we played on the grounds of Castle Island, Boston MA, camera in hand…

Jaishree and Clarence Wedding Band

Blissfully edgy wedding band. Jaishree and Clarence will rock your Day.

Jaishree Yog, Boston MA

Sweet practice of bliss with Jaishree Yoga.

Jaishree spent 13 years as a professional actress in New York City and Los Angeles. Weaved into this exciting, demanding, and ultimately debilitating lifestyle, she often heard her authentic inner voice cry out ‘yoga saves me, yoga saves me‘- and it did! She left the world of dramatic play and found the bliss of healthy play and yoga service in Boston, MA. Her practice and programs now reflect her diverse experience by creating balance and abundance out of tremendous contrast.

Deoborah Jaishree Yoga Boston MA

Jaishree Yoga practice is strong with physical and spiritual energy.

Deborah Jaishree is a Bhakti Yogi, an aspiring Vaisnava, who serves under the guidance of her beloved Spiritual Master his Grace Nitya Lila Om Vishnupad Astottara Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja. Bhakti Yoga is is the practice and service of divine love.

Jaishree and Clarence playing Moya Drums

Music heals, inspires and moves you. Clarence plays the MOYO Drums at Castle Island, Boston MA.

MOYO Drums Jaishree Yoga

Flow to the rhythms of the MOYO Drum

Jaishree Yoga and Moyo Drums Art

Space and form. {Castle Island, Boston MA}

Jaishree Yoga Boston MA

Rocking yoga spirit. Jaishree at Castle Island, Boston MA

Castle Island, Boston MA

ODYSSEY {Castle Island, Boston MA}

A day to remember, cold with a raw ocean breeze full of passion, love and inspiration. We walked away as the rain started…timing is everything. Namaste.

NYC streets

A sweet creative challenge and the best Xmas present! This winter I took a NYC street photography class at the ICP – International Center for Photography. This five week course brought me to the streets of NYC, Time Square and China Town. The challenge was to capture the energy and spirit of the streets, up close and personal. The reward was feedback from Israeli photographer, Natan Dvir. His work is amazing, he focuses on the human aspects of political, social and cultural issues. The subjects, composition and colors move you into the moment with intense, raw energy – love his eye and style. Check out his projects.

Photography is been my hobby, the way I document my life and express emotions. I am drawn to the energy of the moment. This class introduced me to photographing impersonal situations where I had to develop my relationship with the space, people and time. I had to anticipate the moment in a unpredictable environment. And no cropping! The challenges…

Take one :: Times Square NYC

Time Square NYC colors

Racing for green {Time Square, NYC}

Street emotions {Time Square, NYC}

Street art {Time Square NYC}

Street food {Time Square, NYC}

Street vibes {Time Square, NYC}

Take two :: Chinatown NYC

Color and craft {Chinatown NYC}

The man and his fresh fish {Chinatown NYC}

Dim Sum at Sunshine 27 {Chinatown NYC}

Street shopping {Chinatown NYC}

Browsing {Chinatown NYC}

Everything for sale {Chinatown NYC}

What’s next? Documentary class. Rock on!!

Discovering Life Riverside

Life moves…started 2012 on the East side of the Hudson River. I traded in the comfort of Franklin, MA suburb lifestyle for the views of the Hudson River, a minimalist environmentally friendly home {Rivertown House aka The Tree House} and the luxury of having a half hour train ride to NYC, my favorite city in the U.S. Sounds fabulous and it is but the process of change and reclaiming myself riverside left me stripped emotionally. I felt trapped in paradise.

Rivertown House aka The Tree House / Designed by Christina Griffin

Twenty plus years ago I moved from Romania to the U.S. so I thought the three hours relocation will be a piece of cake. Excited to be so close to NYC, everything seemed like it will move by itself. But no! there was a big suburban house to pack and downsize to fit the urban living space which I am still working on…The first night spent in the Tree House, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that the neighbors who were partying next door were inside my house. Yes, we have very close neighbors, stray cats, trains, boats going by, and the best coffee shop, Antoinette’s Patisserie….so long crickets and tree frogs of Franklin!

Cafe Late perfection at  Antoinette’s Patisserie

Another fun adjustment is street parking, how many tickets do you think I got and keep getting forgetting the street cleaning rule? Ha! Definetly supporting the village…And no more garage, even my son said during a rain storm, “Mami, I wish we still had a garage!”. The NY parkways, for a while I was driving him to and from pre-K and couldn’t figure out why the exits are different North and South…ops!! There are three parkways to be confused. Discovering life off the roads, in the little villages riverside has been fun. There is a lot more to see and taste – this is the artsy side of Westchester County.

Wave Hill Gardens, Bronx NY

Window shopping / Irvington, NY

Irvington Art Gallery, NY

The Palisades define the riverside, adding color and texture to the Hudson River. It’s been amazing waking up everyday with this view, watching it change over the few months of Tree House living. Somedays it can be cold and uninviting, others warm with a tropical island atmosphere, peaceful at times, bright and crisp in the sunshine and mysteriously disappearing in foggy, misty days. I like opening my eyes and finding an element of surprise. So I decided to document the River Moods, click here to check out a few more photos on Kai & Gipsy Facebook page {and Like if not already}.

New Years Day hike on the Palisades, across the river from the Tree House

At the end of the day these are all habits, as humans we become conditioned and dependent. Altho these can all be changed, the hardest part of moving is the people I left behind. I miss my circle of friends and family. But things happen for a reason and there is always a good, they get to come visit NYC and I have the challenge to break the tough NY crowd. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

So, as I am still finding my NY rhythm, I am happy to be here and find that altho change is hard, it is most of all inspiring. And as I like to say, put on your Kai and Gipsy wear and see where the road takes you….

Eclectic Fashion & Music

k&g Style American Apparel Tanks

An evening of fashion, music and friends in Providence, RI. Just had to say yes and figure it out! The designs showing are inspired from travels to El Yunque Tropical Rainforest, Puerto Rico, the streets of NYC and the woods of Danby, VT. kai & gipsy apparel is printed on fashion t-shirts to give the perfect fit with a sexy urban style. We like American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and Pima Apparel. And to make it all happen runway style, I am very lucky to have friends with talent! Esther Hogan helped me patch the dress, add zippers and details to the tanks…Donna, she is the bell sleeves master.

big fat zippers

Audrey A. in the kai & gipsy T-Dress

k&g T-Dress

Dance to the rhythm of your life

Natalie rocking the show / Dance to the rhythm of your life, bell sleeve T.


Beverly in Be more than ordinary


Hot off the press loving the copper / Mandy in Embrace each morning’s mystery

Hosted by AS220, the fashion show and sale of designer original contemporary fashions and accessories included wearable art, recycled, deconstructed and new clothing, and accessories for men, women (& kids) featured the work of 14 emerging designers from New England, on models provided by DPG.

dress by cyrahn

Dress by Cyrahn



Salvagge cool jewelry.

k&g friends

kai & gipsy friends! thanks yall for coming out to play…XO

Extraordinary by Kai

be more then ordinary / simple request / complicated answer / what does this mean? / I think that answer will be different for every woman who chooses to explore her boundaries / we all have them / boundaries / the ones that were set for us from our parents / the ones that we set for ourselves from our experiences / and the ones that are expected from society / to be more than ordinary/ in my opinion / is to say “yes” to what you normally would say “no” to.


Exploring boundaries…

basically / put yourself on the line /  if you are new to this practice / take baby steps / no need to jump out of planes just yet / set easy, attainable goals / start with one / see what it feels like / i will give you a for instance / last night I came home from dancing, washed my face, brushed my teeth and was about to go into my bed, but decided to sleep on the couch instead / why? / don’t know / just because it was something I normally don’t do / I have to say/ I had a great night sleep and woke up this morning completely energized and refreshed / small / attainable / easy.
next? / yes please! / keep doing this whenever the thought pops into your head / I promise you / you will awaken a part of you that you knew as child / curious / provocative / passionate / before expectations thickened the walls of your boundaries / I continue to put myself in these types of situations / I have always wanted pink hair/ however/ I have not been successful in finding a hairdresser in New England that that will do this for me.
okay / gotta take you on my time machine / let’s go back a year to SoHo, NYC / I bought a pink wig as my NYC “hat” / I am a hat girl / just love them / and it is awesome / now roaming the streets of NYC with a pink wig on / easy / secured by my cool purple hat / I had a blast!


Soho, NYC ’08 / Kai Pink

okay back onto the time machine to  present day / the burbs of New England / I am going out dancing with some girlfriends at a local bar / nothing fancy / blue collar / no frills / no special lighting / think pool hall with a dance floor / as I am getting dressed /I spot the bag my wig  has been sitting in for a year at the bottom of my closet / the burbs are boring me / so I pull it out and put it on / secure it with a pink bandanna / and in my house I start dancing / looks awesome / I think to myself / I should wear this tonight / so I decide to do it / before I leave the house / I give myself one last check / still looks good / I walk confidently out to the car / get in and drive away / 2 minutes into my drive my head starts itching / then I become very aware that I am going out with long pink hair / the panic sets in / I start to sweat a little / head is now itching madly / I take a glance in the rear view mirror and notice that some of my real hair is sticking out / more panic / a little dry in the mouth now /wanting so badly to pull the damn thing off / wrestling between being ordinary or more than ordinary / I decide to stick with it / not to mention I now have “wig hair” / thinking if anyone asks / I’ll just tell them it was a dare / then I was like / well what’s the point if I am going to lie about it / I am wearing just because I wanted to / for no reason / because it’s not normally what I would do / because I am exploring my boundaries.

a nite in the burbs

kai, gipsy and e venturing in the burbs of Franklin, MA…celebration of fabric!

so / I meet up with my girlfriends / they look and say with a confused smile “hey what’s up with the hair? ” / not wanting to lie and not wanting to explain my long winded explanation / I just smiled and continued onward/ to wrap my long story up / I stayed with the wig / I got comments / and stares /yes,  lots of both / was it uncomfortable? /yes / it was itchy /I couldn’t dance the way I wanted and I was terrified that it would fall off / was it worth it? / absolutely / I chose “yes” when I normally would have chosen “no”/ will it make me stronger in more important decisions? / I think so / I did something that made me uncomfortable / I stuck with it and I didn’t die / anything new is scary / but like they saying goes / “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”/ I am choosing to see the world from a differnt perspective and I have to say / it has been an extraordinary experience / kai