Bliss With An Edge

Deborah Jaishree will make you shine, smile, sing and set an intention. And she will also play at your wedding. Her voice, spiritual guidance and yoga practice is unique, she shares sweetness with a vibrant and artful edge. Yesterday we played on the grounds of Castle Island, Boston MA, camera in hand…

Jaishree and Clarence Wedding Band

Blissfully edgy wedding band. Jaishree and Clarence will rock your Day.

Jaishree Yog, Boston MA

Sweet practice of bliss with Jaishree Yoga.

Jaishree spent 13 years as a professional actress in New York City and Los Angeles. Weaved into this exciting, demanding, and ultimately debilitating lifestyle, she often heard her authentic inner voice cry out ‘yoga saves me, yoga saves me‘- and it did! She left the world of dramatic play and found the bliss of healthy play and yoga service in Boston, MA. Her practice and programs now reflect her diverse experience by creating balance and abundance out of tremendous contrast.

Deoborah Jaishree Yoga Boston MA

Jaishree Yoga practice is strong with physical and spiritual energy.

Deborah Jaishree is a Bhakti Yogi, an aspiring Vaisnava, who serves under the guidance of her beloved Spiritual Master his Grace Nitya Lila Om Vishnupad Astottara Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja. Bhakti Yoga is is the practice and service of divine love.

Jaishree and Clarence playing Moya Drums

Music heals, inspires and moves you. Clarence plays the MOYO Drums at Castle Island, Boston MA.

MOYO Drums Jaishree Yoga

Flow to the rhythms of the MOYO Drum

Jaishree Yoga and Moyo Drums Art

Space and form. {Castle Island, Boston MA}

Jaishree Yoga Boston MA

Rocking yoga spirit. Jaishree at Castle Island, Boston MA

Castle Island, Boston MA

ODYSSEY {Castle Island, Boston MA}

A day to remember, cold with a raw ocean breeze full of passion, love and inspiration. We walked away as the rain started…timing is everything. Namaste.


NYC streets

A sweet creative challenge and the best Xmas present! This winter I took a NYC street photography class at the ICP – International Center for Photography. This five week course brought me to the streets of NYC, Time Square and China Town. The challenge was to capture the energy and spirit of the streets, up close and personal. The reward was feedback from Israeli photographer, Natan Dvir. His work is amazing, he focuses on the human aspects of political, social and cultural issues. The subjects, composition and colors move you into the moment with intense, raw energy – love his eye and style. Check out his projects.

Photography is been my hobby, the way I document my life and express emotions. I am drawn to the energy of the moment. This class introduced me to photographing impersonal situations where I had to develop my relationship with the space, people and time. I had to anticipate the moment in a unpredictable environment. And no cropping! The challenges…

Take one :: Times Square NYC

Time Square NYC colors

Racing for green {Time Square, NYC}

Street emotions {Time Square, NYC}

Street art {Time Square NYC}

Street food {Time Square, NYC}

Street vibes {Time Square, NYC}

Take two :: Chinatown NYC

Color and craft {Chinatown NYC}

The man and his fresh fish {Chinatown NYC}

Dim Sum at Sunshine 27 {Chinatown NYC}

Street shopping {Chinatown NYC}

Browsing {Chinatown NYC}

Everything for sale {Chinatown NYC}

What’s next? Documentary class. Rock on!!

2009 / Kai and Gipsy Moments

It all started with a vision, a camera, a hike in the VT woods and two shadows dreaming their dreams…kai and gipsy was brought to life in 2009! As we toast the New Year, we want to savor and share some 2009 moments…

First product shot / 2nd Beach, RI. We’ve come a long way! Check out kai and gipsy Etsy Shop. Thanks to Lisa Arnold of Luminessence Studio

Lili rocking the kai and gipsy tank at Depeche Mode. An evening of pure trance into the world of industrial sounds!

Andreea shopping and wearing kai and gipsy at SOWA Boston.

Mama J in the kai and gipsy burnout spotted on the streets of Providence, RI.

kaiSpice tasting the mountain. Embrace each morning’s mystery design on American Apparel Racerback.

Dreea trekking NYC in the Gipsy Wrap.

The girls celebrating kai and gipsy showing at Providence Fashion Show at AS220.

Flamenco style with Natalie at Eclectic Music and Fashion Show / Providence, RI.

The Gipsy Wrap makes it to Aruba for A&A honeymoon.

Cristina stylin’ for ThanksGiving in Cancun! Dance to the rhythm of your life…

kai and gipsy urban wear / Be more than ordinary.
Check out kai and gipsy photoshoot on Flickr.
Photo by Luminessence Studio

Enjoy. Breathe deep.
Live in the present.
Drink to the future
but savor the past.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Bien venido 2010!